Want to Stop Smoking?

Now there's a guaranteed program with a 90% success rate!

Why Hypnotherapy works when other methods have failed...

Hypnotherapy works because it gets to the underlying emotions and experiences that trigger your smoking. It deals with your unconscious reasons why you continue to smoke... even though you really want to quit.

What Hypnotherapy is, and isn't.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that will give you the skills to stop smoking... for good. And when practiced by an experienced, registered hypnotherapist, it is an extremely effective, scientific way to break the smoking habit.

Why my stop smoking program works.

During hypnotherapy, I really listen to you, hear your needs, and get to the very personal reasons why you smoke. Once we have discovered them, I help you resolve them, package them, and then put them away for good. I give you a complete tape of your own stop smoking program. You'll get constant reinforcement, and you'll gain new skills to "stay on track" so you can stop smoking for good!

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